The Lady with No Friends at the Well – John 4:1-42

Do you ever feel like you have no friends? Or like the friends you have aren’t really friends? Maybe you have a friend who crossed you off her friend list. In John 4, the Bible tells us about a woman who didn’t have any friends because she had done some bad things before. In those days, ladies couldn’t get water from a kitchen sink. They had to go to a well and get water in buckets, and take it back to their homes. They would use this water for eating, drinking, cooking, and baths. It was normal for ladies to get their water in the morning or the evening, so the well was not just a place to get water, it was a place where a lady would see her friends.

Well, this lady? She didn’t have any friends. She had some sins (bad things) she had done before, and she didn’t get her water at the same time as the other women, because she knew they would bully her. She knew they’d be mean to her, so she got her water in the exact middle of the day, when nobody else would be there.

Except this time, there WAS someone else there. Jesus was there! Jesus! Jesus said, “Give me a drink.”

Jesus at the well

“Why are you asking me for a drink?” she asked. “You are a Jewish person and I am a Samaritan person. We are not supposed to talk to each other. Besides, I have some sins that I’ve done.”

“I know all about your sins,” Jesus said. And then he told her all the sins and bad things she had done. The lady was amazed that he knew all of her sins and still wanted to talk to her. Not only that, he wanted to tell her that God still loved her, even though she sinned!

The lady was so excited that she ran back to tell the townspeople about the man named Jesus at the well. Many people were saved because Jesus was there, AND because she told them to come see him!

Do you have some bad things you’ve done before? Or maybe have some friends who stopped being your friend because you did something bad and they never forgave you? Jesus can forgive anything, and has room for everybody on his “friends list”!


Mrs. Karen