For Parents

Dear Parents, (All about magic)

My promise to you is to always maintain a website where you can feel comfortable with the content.  Some of my stories are silly, some are funny, and some have magical things like fairies or talking animals, ladybugs, Christmas elves, or inanimate objects that come to life – simply put, the magic of childhood.

There is however, a second kind of magic.  This magic is “bad” magic, and has no place on this website, in my writing, or in my life. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for authors to toe the two lines, citing their use and writing of bad magic and fantasy as innocent and harmless.  It is in fact, the opposite.  My writing skills and imagination are gifts from the Lord.  Above all, I remain accountable to Him for my influence on these children through the gifts He has chosen to give me.  Will I write about elves, and post those stories right alongside my Biblical stories?  Sure.  However, I do not post ANYTHING that I feel God would not approve of, and that I would not read to my own children.

I’m also playing with a “Mommy and Me” devotional series, because it’s cool to read the Bible with your kids, and to see that devotion from their perspective.

Ultimately, my stories are not about fitting God in to a secular world, but about recognizing God in it, and about returning childhood to children – those years of wonder we all long to go back to.  Or if you’re like me, the years you never really left…

You can read a little bit more about me here.

And, if you’d like to check out my Bible Study and blog site (for grown ups) you can find that here. 

Parenting is hard, but bedtime doesn’t have to be. I hope you find something you love here.

Cheering for you,
Mrs. Karen