Things You Wrote

How Much Does Jesus Love You?
by Jasmine Collar, age 8
St. Timothy School

How much do you think Jesus loves you? If you answered a lot you are right!
He loved us so much that he died on a BIG, BROWN cross just for US!
Jesus loves you in every little thing you do. Like when you clean your room,
listen to your mom and dad, or take care of your pet. Which one of these have you done?
Can you think of any more things you can do? Did you know that Jesus made everything?
Well, he did! He made every single thing in the world. Dogs,cats,trees,flowers, and even you!
He made everything! We celebrate Jesus in holidays. Here are some of them.
Santa gives you toys in Christmas but Jesus is the one who tells him what to bring us.
We also celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas. Remember when I told you that Jesus died
On a BIG, BROWN cross for US? Well, we celebrate that he died on that cross on a holiday called
Good Friday. Why do we call it Good Friday? Isn’t Jesus dying a bad thing? It is a bad thing but it is also a
good thing because he died for us. After Jesus died on the cross he came back to life and no one can do that except
HIM! We celebrate that in a holiday called Easter. Well, I hoped you liked the story and REMEMBER . . . .

Dear Jasmine,
I LOVE your story! And I am pretty sure Jesus loves it too! I am proud of you and your faith, and I hope you keep writing!

Mrs. Karen


Submitted by Hope McClain, Age 9
Madison Crossroads School
Mommy pushing the stroller
Daddy on his bike
Baby in the stroller
When Dad suggested a hike
So they packed their bags
And took what they should take
They went a little while
And then saw a large snake!
Mommy called Uncle
And told him to bring an arrow and bow
But, Uncle didn’t listen
He brought a garden hoe
So, he killed the poor snake
And put him in a hole
I don’t know if this story is true
It’s just what I was told!

Note from Karen:

Hope, we just love your poems!  You are so talented!

Hey reader, what about YOU?  Did you just LOVE Hope’s poem?  Do you have something awesome you’ve written?  Send it in!  You could very well be the next “Feature of the Month”!