The Lady with No Friends at the Well – John 4:1-42

Do you ever feel like you have no friends? Or like the friends you have aren’t really friends? Maybe you have a friend who crossed you off her friend list. In John 4, the Bible tells us about a woman who didn’t have any friends because she had done some bad things before. In those days, ladies couldn’t get water from a kitchen sink. They had to go to a.

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What I Believe…

I Believe… HOW WE GOT HERE I believe God existed before anything else.  I believe that He created the heavens and the Earth, and that it was not formed by some crazy explosion or gasses, or dust or anything else.  Just God.  I believe a long long time ago, He created a man named Adam, and a woman named Eve, and that all other men and women and boys and.

How Can I Be A Writer When I Grow Up?

Q: How can *I* be a writer/author when I grow up? A: Well first, don’t give up!  If you have a dream, pursue it!  Even if someone tells you that you can’t be a writer because you won’t make any money, or the whole family has been doctors and you have to be a doctor too, don’t give up!  Write in your spare time. Buy a journal (or ask for.

How Much Does Jesus Love You?

Dear Karen, My name is Jasmine. I am 8 years old and I go to St. Timothy School. I have a story I want to show you and it is the first story I have ever written. My mom and dad think it is great but I want to know what you think about it. Here is the story. How much do you think Jesus loves you? If you answered.


Submitted by Hope McClain, Age 9 Madison Crossroads School Mommy pushing the stroller Daddy on his bike Baby in the stroller When Dad suggested a hike So they packed their bags And took what they should take They went a little while And then saw a large snake! Mommy called Uncle And told him to bring an arrow and bow But, Uncle didn’t listen He brought a garden hoe So,.


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