Dear Mrs. Karen,
We love to read your stories at bedtime, but it’s REALLLY hard to read a bedtime story from your computer and be in bed at the same time.  Can you help?
Signed, Millicent Snafferolophus

Dear Millie,
Oh me, oh my!  What a dilemma!  Have you tried keeping your feet and body in your bed and stretching your neck out of your room, around the corner, down the hall and over to the computer?   Oh you have?  And it didn’t work?  Well, let’s see then… If you reaaalllllly need a pdf copy, you can email me and I’ll do my best to help!
Happy Reading!
XXXOO, Miss Karen

Dear Mrs. Karen,
Can I read your stories on my iPad?
Signed, O. Mydarlinclementine

Dear O,
I’ve found that most moms and dads that have an iPad have no problem viewing the pages on an iPad. PLUS, this means there is more room on their computer for pictures of YOU!

Dear Mrs. Karen,
What kind of stories can I find on your site?
Signed, Billy B. Goat

Dear Billy Goat,
Are you really a billy goat?  Hmmm, I am very suspicious!  Well anyway Billy, here are the stories you can find on my site!


Selfish Sammi Learns To Share – a story about a cow who learns to share when it matters the most

The Day the Whole Town Overslept – a story about the gifts God gives everyone, no matter how small they are

The Broken Whiffersnapple – a story about a very special toy-fixer-upper, and why YOU should take care of your toys

Where the Socks Go – a story about giving to others in need (and what happens to those missing socks!)
Coloring page – Where the Socks Go

Oscar Needs a Library Card – a story about lying and stealing, and what happens when you just ask for what you need

Wilbur from Wallanu – a story about loving our friends

Bobbi Jo, the Scaredy Crow- a story about fear and bravery through Christ

Lindy the Ladybug Loses Her Spots – a story about what true beauty is and where it comes from

Billaboo, the Elf With Big Hands - a story about being happy, even if you’re different

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